Godinton House & Gardens     

Step back in time as you visit Godinton House, a magnificent estate that traces its roots to the 14th century. The house, surrounded by stunning gardens, provides a glimpse into the past with its elegant architecture and period features. During the summer, the outdoor gallery comes to life, offering visitors a chance to enjoy exhibitions, events, yoga sessions, and picnics amidst the tranquil beauty of the gardens.

Visit Godinton House & Gardens for more information.

Getting there: The access to Godinton House & Gardens can be achieved with the number X10 Stagecoach bus to Hare and Hounds from the bus stop R right outside the station and this ride will take 11 min. 

Memorial Gardens Ashford

Find solace in the Memorial Gardens, a serene green space graced with a variety of flowers and trees. This garden serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made during times of war, with a memorial commemorating those who lost their lives. It's a place for reflection, tranquillity, and remembrance.

Getting there: The Memorial Garden is a stone's throw from the station, just 6 min walk. You can access either from Station Approach or A2042 toward Church Street and you will find them to your right.

Victoria Park 

Owned by the Jemmett family, Victoria Park stands as a testament to Ashford's historical connection to nature. The Victoria Park and Watercress Fields project beautifully marries the town's heritage with its commitment to environmental harmony.

Visit Victoria Park Project for more information. 

Getting there: Victoria Park is just a 10 min walk away via Victoria Road. Leave the station and follow Victoria Road up to the first turn to the left for the traffic where you can find the little path at your right that takes you to the crossing, cross the road and the path ahead leads you to the park. 

Ashford Tank 

Snuggled in the heart of New Street, the Ashford Tank is a symbol of remembrance and reverence. This protected memorial, listed on the National Heritage List for England, pays homage to those who served during the First World War. The tank is a poignant reminder of history's impact on Ashford's present and future.

Getting there: The Mark IV British tank is easily accessible from multiple vias and all of them take 14 minutes to walk. 

  1. Leave the station and follow the Station Approach, at the intersection turn right onto Dover Pl. 
  2. Follow this road and turn right into Church St. Keep walking down to the first turn to the left, which is Tufton St. 
  3. Keep walking and turn right into Bank St and at the end of the street turn left to High St.
  4. Down the road to the right, you can find Castle St. where the Ashford Tank is. 

Images by:

​​Photo by Louis Tripp on Unsplash